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The Ancient Bible
In November 1979 an ancient Bible belonging to the church was discovered in a store in the premises of Murray, Little and Knox, Solicitors in Annan.

The Bible is marked on the binder and a number of the pages that it was gifted to "Graitney Kirk" in 1611.
After the Union of the Crowns in 1603 James I, on one of his salmon visits to his native Scotland (1619) passed through the parish. Seeing the state of the church and the surrounding country he ordered John Murray of Cockpool to put the church in order and make a drove road from Gretna to Annan.At this time the trade in cattle was growing in importance.

Later it is said that 30,000 head of cattle passed across the Solway ford to England annually. At this time John Murray presented a King James Bible to the church. The Minister of the church at that time was the Rev. David Wood. A list of Ministers who served the church and parish since 1561 is in the old records as are the old Kirk Session.
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THE ANNANDALE OBSERVER, Friday, 23rd November 1979

Gretna Old, Gretna St. Andrew's, Half Morton and Kirkpatrick Fleming Parish Church of Scotland
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