All About Glass Balustrades That You Should Know

Balustrades can be made from a variety of materials, including wood, stone, and metal. We will discuss the advantages of glass balustrades as well as the components required for their installation in this article.

They are well-respected for their elegance and stylish appearance. They are often used as balconies railings or in swimming pool areas. 

Balustrades made of glass can be used indoors to allow for natural light and give homes a more comfortable, natural feel. You can even get help from Torontos Aluminum Railings installation experts for your balustrades. 

They can be matched with almost all architectural designs. They are safe because they comply with safety codes that ensure stability and support. These balustrades also offer ease of maintenance. You can easily clean the balustrade with a simple wipe of a cleaning agent.

These components are glass panels, panel clips, and shoe mouldings. Cap rails are also used for this type of balustrade installation. The panel clips, which are often made of steel, attach the glass panels and shoe mouldings to the panel clips. 

The shoe mouldings support the balustrades on the floor. You can attach or embed shoe mouldings to the floor. Cap rails are those that rest on top of the glass panels and are attached by adhesive or sealant. 

Safety regulations specify the maximum weight cap rails can support. Depending on the balustrades, some designs may not allow cap rails to be used.