All About Tax Return in Point Cook

Completing your tax return can be frustrating and time-consuming, but the whole process can become a lot easier if you understand the process and procedures upfront. You can complete your annual returns on paper or online – using the HMRC software or one of the many commercial software available on the market.

We recommend doing this online because it's faster, avoids delays and there's no chance of getting lost in the post. You can also look for tax returns in Point Cook via

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Deadline for filing your tax return

Deadlines vary depending on how you submit your declaration – these are referred to as delivery deadlines. The deadline for filing a paper tax return is October 31 after the end of the tax year and this is the date on which HMRC must receive your annual return. 

Tax return on paper

HMRC guarantees that it will calculate your tax bill and provide you with the results before the January 31 payment deadline following the end of the tax year, provided you submit your return on paper by the filing date. 

Online Tax Refund

HMRC's online return service is easy to use and time-saving compared to the paper version. To use the online service you must first register by going to the HMRC website and going through the registration process. 

The online tax return system asks you a series of questions to present only the part of the tax return that is relevant to you. The system will then do the calculations for you and display on-screen help as you proceed. The system has other built-in checks to help you get a proper tax return.