Bikini Wax – Frequently Asked Questions

Nowadays, bikini wax is becoming more and more popular and attractive to customers. It’s no wonder that waxing shop customers have gradually increased over the years. But for those new to a bikini wax, it’s a good idea to first read the most frequently asked questions about this method. And if you are planning to have bikini wax in Hong Kong visit and get the essential details of the process.

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What is a bikini wax?

Bikini wax refers to a process of extracting body hair from the genitals or pubic area to avoid unwanted hair stress when wearing bikinis, thongs, or underwear. It involves the use of a special thick hair wax that is applied to the hair area to extract the hair; That’s why it’s called a bikini wax.

What’s the difference between Brazilian wax and Bikini wax?

The difference between each wax mask in a bikini depends on how you remove the hair. Simple bikini wax removes hair only in certain areas such as the buttocks and hair around the pubic area, whereas Brazilian bikini wax usually removes more hair and usually leaves a very short layer.

Can I do it myself?

Some styles or techniques can be done on your own, but it is highly discouraged. There are licensed beauticians or experts who are fully trained in this method. It’s better to be wise and go to a wax mask clinic than risk an injury by doing it yourself.