Changing The World With Roof Paint

Scientists are scrambling for ways on how common people can help out in cleaning up some of the environmental clutter and they found it by changing a house's roof paint. Our current generation seems to be the one catching all the consequences of the past. 

Today, the whole world is ushering to a newer, deeper environmental awareness and people are taking appropriate steps to cut back carbon footprint. You can hire professionals via for roof painting.

But is the idea really feasible?

Professor Steven Chu, who is the current US Energy Secretary, has declared that changing the roof paint of a house from the traditional dark-colored ones to white will be equivalent to reducing the carbon emission of cars in eleven years.

The energy secretary said that a good way of fighting off global warming's ill effects is making roofs white and constructing pavements to achieve a more concrete kind of color than having it black, which is the usual color of pavements and roads.

The reason for advocating white roof paint is that light colors reflect heat back to the atmosphere than just absorbing it – which is what dark colors do. 

If you paint your roof white, it will deflect the sun's hot rays more extensively than any other color. It could mean saving a lot from your cooling costs every summer. Imagine saving all that money while helping out in conserving energy as well.