Description of Full-time Auto Mechanic Position

Repairs and maintenance are performed on various road-based vehicles, including trucks, buses, and cars. A private, small or large auto-body repair shop could be the place where an auto mechanic works. You may also find them working at a gas station or car dealership.

Auto mechanics can be state or federal employees who are responsible for maintaining state vehicles. You can also get more information about auto mechanics online via

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All basic vehicle needs can be handled by most auto mechanics. Some mechanics may specialize in a particular part of the vehicle, such as the transmission, brakes, or engine. You might also find mechanics that specialize in a particular make or model of vehicle. 

Teams of mechanics with different skills may be formed. Each mechanic will take care of a specific part of the vehicle. Manufacturers will hire mechanics to inspect the vehicles before they are shipped to dealers. As cars are being assembled, the mechanic might need to make minor adjustments or repairs.

Auto mechanic work can be noisy, messy, loud, and fast. Auto mechanics are similar to being a doctor for cars. They must have the same precision and intimate knowledge. For those who love machines, engineering and problem solving, it can be a rewarding career.