Different Types of Manufacturing Software

Production software is a modern tool that helps manufacturing companies stay in control of their operations. This type of software can perform any function that makes the production process run smoothly. This process starts with the purchase and delivery of raw materials to the production and execution of customer orders.

There is production software available to help keep your business on track. While there are many different types of production software, the three main types are the most important and popular for manufacturing companies.

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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

This is the oldest one still in use today. The newer version currently in use is based on a framework called Production Resource Planning Software 2 (MRPII). The primary function is intended to be an asset to the company's customer support and sales efforts.

Production control system (MES)

This type of software enters the actual production process. The focus is on topics such as actual production planning for the various items to be produced, engineering processes for production as well as product and personnel planning.

Process control

This type of software sounds like it is related to the production process, but focuses on maintaining and selecting the machines used to process raw materials into the company's finished products. This software can help companies identify new machines to integrate into the production process. This means adding other ways to improve the quality of the final product. It can also be a replacement for outdated machines.