Four Factors to Know about Alzheimer’s Disease

Alzheimer's disease is the diagnosis that no one wants to hear from a doctor. Although medical research has made great strides in understanding the causes of Alzheimer’s disease, they are still not fully understood. 

Researchers now have a better understanding of Alzheimer's disease than they did just a few years back. Many people who are suffering from this problem can look for different reliefs and their family members can help them with care and mental support. 

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Creating a Nursing Care Plan for Dementia Patients

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Familial Alzheimer's: Familial Alzheimer’s is a rare type of disease. It is characterized by an early onset. Familial Alzheimer’s affects less than 10% of Alzheimer's patients.

It is caused by a "deterministic" gene that invariably leads to the development and progression of the disease. Only a handful of families around the globe have the deterministic gene that causes Alzheimer's.

Doctors believe that there are several risk factors that can lead to Alzheimer's. These risk factors have been identified as prominent causes of Alzheimer's disease:

Three Risk Factors You Need to Know Now

1. Age: Most Alzheimer's cases develop after the age of 65. Only 5% of those 65-74 years old have Alzheimer's disease. However, the risk of developing it doubles every five years after 65. Alzheimer's is a possibility for approximately 50% of those over 85.

2. Gender: Men are more likely to develop Alzheimer's disease than women.

3. Head Injuries. Serious head injuries such as concussions have been associated with increased Alzheimer's risk.