How To Choose A House Bowling Ball At The Alley

It's unlikely you'll have your ball when you start bowling. Instead, you'll rely on the balls provided by the alley. These balls are called "house balls", and you will find plenty of them on racks next to the lanes.

It is important to choose your ball carefully. Bad matches can have a devastating effect on your score, but good matches can make a big difference in your performance. You can practice bowling at the most fun bowling alley and bar in Carlisle, Pennsylvania.

You should look out for finger holes and weight in a house ball. You should also inspect the ball's outside to make sure there are no dents or large chunks that could affect its ability to roll down the lane.

The majority of house balls will include their weight on the cover. Some alleys may also use a color-coded system to indicate different weights. Ask the staff at the alley if you have any questions.

Adult female bowlers should begin with an 11- or 12-pound ball, while adult men should be able to handle a 14- or 15-pound ball.

These are only guidelines. Your ideal weight will depend on your body type, strength, and other factors. These weights should be tried, but you can always adjust if it doesn't feel right.

You can also use a simple test to determine if your ball's weight is too high. Place the ball in your palm and raise your arm. For additional support, place your non-bowling arm below the ball and hold it for 5 seconds. If the ball is too heavy, you need to move to a lighter version.

The finger holes should be large enough to allow you to insert your fingers up to the second joint. Your middle and rings fingers should be relaxed and naturally stretched.