Learn Sleep Skills From Child Sleep Consultants In Gold Coast

This is a great time to practice independent sleep skills. Other babies' sleep is disturbed at this time as they are practicing new skills such as moving and rolling over. Some parents choose to wait until things calm down before starting a sleep training method, but that's not necessary.

However, the age of your baby can determine the sleep training method you choose. You can try the gentle push-tap technique with your five-month-old, but you may need to leave your one-year-old in bed while he or she is protesting (crying or screaming) the new bedtime or learn new techniques from Baby Sleep Magic Pty Ltd

Don't try formal sleep training methods until four months ago, until your baby is able to last longer between meals and his circadian rhythm begins to develop. (Many babies this age are still eating at night – contrary to popular belief, sleep training is not synonymous with nocturnal weaning.) 

It says that many four-month-old babies can biologically go through the night without food, but that doesn't mean they're unresponsive and have to feed them when other calming methods don't work. As every situation is different, we recommend that you consult your doctor before storing your baby's nightly formula.

Now the baby sleeps 11-12 hours a night in his cot and takes naps twice a day without fighting and without a pacifier. Developing new healthy sleeping habits makes everyone so much happier!