Optimize IT Infrastructure With a Hybrid Way for Enhanced Agility

Hybrid IT infrastructure refers to an environment created by the right combination of cloud and traditional infrastructure. Companies prefer a hybrid approach to optimize their IT infrastructure for better control, better security, and faster access to local infrastructure, while at the same time taking advantage of cloud computing such as increased flexibility and cost. 

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Image Source: Google

A choice must be made based on whether the company is mature or newly established. Startups choose to continue in the cloud because they haven't invested in traditional IT infrastructure and therefore can choose two paths that best suit their business needs while the budget is the top priority. 

This is not the case with established companies that have invested heavily in local IT infrastructure. They often choose to stick with existing infrastructure simply because they have invested in it.

The study also shows how the hybrid approach provides SMEs with flexibility and scalability, thereby increasing overall productivity. The following data shows how SMEs that have adopted the hybrid approach has outperformed their counterparts who have not taken the hybrid approach.