Planning a Wedding – Choosing the Wedding Photographer In Hawaii

After setting the date, choose a location and decide on the perfect dress. The next big decision is choosing a photographer to document the most important day of your life. The photographer is a visual narrator, documenting every detail of your day to be a part of your family history forever.

Here are some questions to ask the photographer you interviewed to document your wedding day!

1. When should I book my wedding photographer? Try to book a Hawaii marriage photographer at least 6 months before your wedding date.

2. What style of wedding photography are you looking for? Focus on what you love because those memories will stay with you forever. If you are looking for a wedding photographer with a more documentary style, make sure you find someone who shares your vision. 

3. Do I need to meet with the photographer before booking him as my wedding photographer? It is highly recommended that you meet with the photographer before signing the contract. 

4. What should be discussed at this meeting? If you take a look at a photographer's website, you'll have a pretty good idea of who they are and what our vision is when we shoot weddings. 

5. What should be discussed during an interview with my wedding photographer? Budget, package reviews: what the different packages include, album prices, album selection, upgrades, add-ons, a la carte options. You need to know the overall schedule and provide details to the photographer to provide the most accurate quote for your wedding photography.