Quality Inspection & Verification of the Capsule Filling Machine

Knowing the type of automatic capsule filling machine you wish to import, specifications, parts, operating principle, design, etc. You are never enough. Without appreciating quality and reviewing quality documents, all your efforts will be in vain.

I don't want you to become an easy target for an automatic filling machine manufacturer sending out poor quality equipment. You can also get TES-5 semi-automatic capsule filler online.

Let's start with these basic quality requirements first:

  • Automatic capsule filling machine that meets CE and cGMP standards
  • European conformity marking (CE) is an important property. This ensures that the intended automatic encapsulation machine meets certain standards for environmental protection, health and safety.

This is what you see on an automatic capsule filling machine:

Actually, you cannot import CE-filled capsule filling machines into the EU market. In fact, there are many countries outside the European Union that prohibit machines without the CE mark.

In short, you only need to buy a CE marked automatic capsule machine. In addition, the automatic capsule filling machine must comply with cGMP.

Encapsulation machines that comply with current cGMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) standards must be designed and manufactured in accordance with US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulations.

In fact, cGMP compliance ensures that all manufacturers of automatic capsule filling machines adhere to high production standards. This should range from machine design to testing and production.

The encapsulation machines are:

  • Easy to clean and maintain, therefore a high level of cleanliness
  • They have better dust handling properties
  • Made of stainless steel
  • The sealing and other materials must comply with the FDA