What Factors To Consider Before Buying An Air Purifier?

A normal user curtails down his choice to two or three air purifiers before finalizing the best one. By considering the below mentioned 5 factors, one can compare these purifiers head to head. Keep in mind that the rating factors don’t tell you what the air purifier exactly is but it is the consistent rating through which we can compare different air purifiers and based on the best air purifier consumer reports, we can purchase the best one. You can go through the website, internet reviews, and informational websites to do additional research on the air purifier. So, without wasting any moment, we would know like to put light on the factors that you can consider before buying an air purifier.

  1. Which Air contaminants are removed: You must check whether the air purifier removes micro and large particles like dust, pet dander, chemicals, and pollen or not. The air purifiers are classified into Good removal, fair and poor removal.
  2. Yearly operating cost: The operating cost depends on the consumables like a filter, UV lamps, and HEPA filter.
  3. Value: The value includes the total cost, cleaning ability, and square foot cleaned. Note down the total cost and the ongoing operational cost of each purifier you are comparing and decide accordingly.
  4. Quality: The quality is decided using three factors viz: finish, workmanship, and cleaning technologies. You will find the air purifier rated excellent, good, and questionable.
  5. Warranty: Check and compare the warranty the company is offering on air purifier.