The Basic Glass Fusing Kiln Techniques

Having access to glass furnaces allows artists to create unique projects in molten glass. Here are some great fused glass techniques that you may want to try for yourself or use as a starting point for your creativity. Be sure to keep a journal with detailed notes on your glass projects so you know what you did for future reference. 

Draped glass is an exciting art object, such as chandeliers and vases. Inclusions can consist of anything that is sealed within a molten glass work of art, and they create amazing effects. One technique that requires a mold is "freeze and fuse", which results in beautiful three-dimensional glass pieces. You can mix glass powders to obtain a variety of colors, or paint details individually on the molds. To buy the best Olympic glass kilns, you may visit

Fused glass pins are easy to make and can be designed with special themes for events or holidays. They make great party favors. They require the use of a glass saw. Photo frame pendants make great gifts too. 

Making a pendant is similar to making a picture frame, but in miniature, so they can be unique pieces of jewelry. They do not have to be rectangular or square; You can use your imagination and scrap glass to create your own unique picture frame pendant. 

Drop rings are made from drop ring molds that you can buy from hot glass supply dealers and take a lot of time and patience. However, each drop ring is unique and fascinating, so it is worth the effort. A melting pot is an exciting and rewarding process, as each melt pot comes out differently.

 Colors can be mixed to create one-of-a-kind designs and patterns, which can be worn as is or sunk in a mold. Vitrigraph is one of the most exciting techniques, which involves pulling and maneuvering the flow of molten glass that is continuously filtered from a supported furnace. The possibilities of throwing glass are practically endless.