2D & 3D Character Animation Videos

It's both surprising and amazing to see the number of processes animators use to create the animated videos you see on the screen. There's sketch animation, computer-generated animation, stop motion, and many more.

While each process requires a different set of techniques to create animated videos in, or maybe even a collection of techniques combined. However, when we categorized a broad process, it fell into two main processes – 2D animation and 3D animation.

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Two-dimensional character animation, also known as traditional animation, has been around for over a hundred years. Modern animated videos can be made by hand or on a computer.

The process requires placing the images individually, but in slightly different locations. The images are placed one by one to create a motion effect.

The result is a flat image with motion not shown in-depth, but in height and size, and width. All of these drawings are made by hand. In the past, artists made pencil sketches of each frame, which were then transferred to full color.

Animated drawings are still drawn by hand, but coloring and rendering of the cels and the rest are done with the help of a computer. Today was different and much faster.