Staffing Agencies: What You Should Know As A Job Seeker

For decades, recruitment agencies have provided a variety of services to employers and found job opportunities nationwide for job seekers. These companies, whose employees are sometimes referred to as bounty hunters, are also known as employment agencies and act as recruiting services for employers who outsource their recruitment needs.

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Theoretically, employees specialize in industry-specific knowledge (depending on the company using their services) and act as a kind of HR specialist who searches, recruits and hires employees for specific tasks, leads and manages salary and payroll responsibilities.

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While these companies are great resources for employers who are reluctant to hire and job seekers struggling to find a stable position, there are some things that job seekers in particular need to know. When job seekers apply to recruitment agencies, several things usually happen.

First, the candidate is interviewed for a position he or she is interested in. If everything goes according to plan, applicants will be hired on a fixed-term contract with the recruitment agency and then fired into the full-time employment company.

It is important to note that respondents are sometimes rejected and even discouraged from being interviewed. Most of the recruitment agencies require a computer literacy exam before they interview you for any job. It's a good idea to hone your skills before going to the interview.