Advertising Your Auto Repair Shop With Custom Business Cards

One way to present your auto repair shop to your potential clients is to hand them a copy of your business cards. These publications contain basic information for your business such as name, location, and contact information. These cards not only serve as a reference for your business but also as a way to market it. By creating your prints with a unique and attractive design as well as including the benefits your business offers, you have compelling advertising tools on hand. Here are some design ideas that you can use for successful marketing:

Business card design ideas to market your auto repair services

o Die-Cut – Take your prints out of the norm and use die-cut cards instead of traditional rectangular prints. For your auto repair business, you can use car-shaped cards with a mechanic working on them. For repair shops that have specialties, you can highlight this on your card printout. For example, you can have auto-shaped prints designed with a mechanic in the engine bay if you focus primarily on engine repairs. If you are looking for the best gold business cards, then you may check this website.

Double-sided – Take advantage of the space on the other side of your cards. Instead of leaving it blank, you can add information about your auto repair shop. You can list the services you offer or include a map that your customers can use to find your store. If you provide body repairs, show this with a before and after photo of the vehicle.

o Plastic – If you want to print cards that will not only stay in the mind of the customer but will stay with them for a longer time, you can opt for plastic cards. Compared to paper stock, plastic is more durable. Also, these provide vibrant colors and designs when printed. You can even get cut-out prints for your auto repair shop.

Magnetic – It's important to stay on top of a customer's mind if you want your small business to survive. So why not remind them that you provide great auto repair services by giving them magnetic business cards. It can be stuck to the surfaces of the refrigerator where your customers can see it several times a day and be reminded of the services you provide.