Easy ways to Make Your Own Instagram Stickers

Instagram Stickers are the graphic elements that anyone can add to his/her Instagram Stories, It can be an image or video story anything. Some Stickers are animated, some are clickable, and others even allow users to interact directly with the story. To get deep information regarding the Instagram stickers you can visit https://www.newfuturecreative.com/ online. These Stickers can also help you achieve a variety of your marketing goals, from reaching new audiences.

Here are some of the ways to use Instagram stickers:

  • Stickers can be found after you’ve taken or uploaded your photo or video by tapping on the sticker icon in the top right corner of your stories’ editing options.
  • You can found various options there. Customizable stickers will show up first, including the Hashtag, Mention, and Location Stickers.
  • After choosing your sticker, you can drag it anywhere.
  • The types of stickers are mention stickers, hashtag stickers, location stickers, question stickers, poll stickers, product stickers, music stickers, GIF stickers, and many more.

Way to create your own sticker

  • Download Any Sticker app on your laptop.
  • Tap on the Create Sticker button. You can also choose from the recommended stickers.
  • On the next screen, enter the sticker text.
  • You have an option to change the theme color or text color too.
  • While you cannot change the font of the sticker, tap on the icon before the sticker text to change its symbol. Alternatively, you can tap on the three-dot icon to get a list of the available symbols. Then choose the required symbol from the available options.