Delicious Healthy Coffee Alternatives

Recently, I decided to quit caffeine. This meant that I needed to quit one of my most loved drinks that is coffee. I don't consume coffee for the boost it gives, but because of its flavor, and also as a warm drink during the morning. I could have moved to decaf coffee but i was also not comfortable with the process of decaf.

Like many other people, including me want the taste of coffee but free of caffeine set out in search of alternative options for coffee.

Coffee substitutes can be made from chicory, barley, and Rye. To buy the best coffee substitute, you can check this site- It's an instant drink and is prepared by mixing a large teaspoon in a cup of hot water. You can also add milk or sugar if you would like. As a substitute for coffee, it doesn't have a bad taste.

Its ingredients are such carob that is organic barley, chicory, almonds, dates, and much more based upon the flavor you select. The thing I like about the coffee alternative is that it can be brewed using your coffee maker, or in the French press. It offers the body and taste of coffee, which is what I was missing the most.

The company also claims that it's gluten-free using the traditional coffee-brewing methods. To be sure you are, consult your physician or contact the company directly for additional information.

How You Can Reap the Benefit of Lipton Green Tea?

Lipton green tea is not considered a medicine but it does contain many medicinal benefits. For nearly five centuries, green tea has been used for medicinal purposes in China. It is not just ancient folk practices that have proven the benefits of tea. These include the potential of tea to treat various forms of cancer and diabetes as well as weight loss. 

You can see why Lipton green tea has been an effective tool in achieving good health for millennia. Japanese university research shows that EGCG, a major antioxidant found in tea, slows down the growth of cancer cells. Lipton green chai can provide this benefit by drinking just two to three cups per day. 

Another study from universities in Great Britain and Europe has shown that tea intake increases the metabolic rate via a process called thermogenesis. This increased rate increases insulin sensitivity and glucose tolerance, which can help in diabetes management and treatment.

Lipton green tea can also be beneficial for other parts of the body. Another form of antioxidant, polyphenols found in tea have been shown to improve the skin's elasticity as well as protect against free radicals. Tea's anti-irritant and antibacterial properties are also a plus. These findings were discovered in a study by a Georgia medical school, United States.

Lipton green tea extracts may also increase the effectiveness of sunscreens in combating UVA/UVB-induced skin damage (photoaging). Green tea extracts are now being added to toothpaste, mouthwash, and skincare products.