What Are The Risks Involved Before Visiting An Invisalign Dentist

A revolutionary new tooth straightening method that uses plastic straighteners to shape your smile is called Invisalign. This offers a huge advantage over the traditional metal clip that many children dread.

Orthodontists use computer images to make your liner with this treatment. Each liner is worn for two weeks, and then a new one must be worn. This treatment method is beneficial for many people in straightening their teeth, but it has some risks. You can also look for experienced invisalign dentist in Bend (Oregon) online.

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Nerve Damage:

If you've had a tooth injury, Invisalign can damage or kill a nerve. This doesn't mean your tooth has broken, but it may require more attention and care to hold the nerve in.

You can choose a root canal treatment. There are very rare cases of nerve damage, but you have to be careful and be sure. Share your dental history with your dentist so they know which areas are at risk.

Specialists can do everything possible to ensure that no damage occurs. You should also tell them if you have a crown or patch anywhere because the straighteners can move them.

Dental Caries:

Dental caries is caused by plaque, the white stuff your dentist always tells you to reproduce with sugar. During the treatment by the dentist, steps to be taken are regular brushing and flossing.

While this is not medical malpractice, people receiving this treatment are more likely to have plaque build-up. Try to maintain dental hygiene and avoid sweet things as long as the treatment continues.

So before making a final decision, make sure you consult a professional orthodontist about the potential risks that Invisalign has listed!