Tourist’s Guide to Dublin

If you want to experience a youth city with a vibrant nightlife, interesting sights and a hunch of ancient civilizations, Dublin is the place to be. As the capital and largest city in Ireland, Dublin is a historical and cultural center as well as an educational, administrative and industrial center. It has a maritime climate with mild summers and mild winters without extremes. The Wicklow, Glendalough & Powerscourt tour from Dublin offers visitors a variety of interesting attractions.

Dublin walks

The city of Dublin offers a variety of attractions, most of which are in the city center and therefore easily accessible. Some of its stunning sights include the National Museum in Dublin which is located on Kildare Street in the city center. It consists of historical, cultural and artistic collections which are exhibited in three museum buildings in the city center. For once, don't miss the Ardagh Cup, a priceless relic of Ireland's religious past.

There is the Point Theater, which is a boxing arena, theater, circus, and ice rink. This place is popular for concerts and exhibitions. Another is Dublin Castle, Dublin Zoo, which is home to a wide variety of birds and animals from around the world. Your tour is not complete without shopping in Dublin streets like Grafton Street, Wicklow Street or Dawson Street. They consist of designer boutiques, select shops and jewelers.

Dublin Tour

There is a wide variety of vehicles to choose from when traveling around Dublin. You can take a bus that offers cheap and affordable exciting sightseeing tours. Another way is the train, which is also cheap and offers 24-hour tickets. Renting a car for your tour is a much cheaper option for unlimited private tours.

There are a number of companies that offer car rental and have friendly staff to guide you through the process.