How to Know More About MAG (Myelin associated glycoprotein) ELISA Kits

MAG (Myelin-associated glycoprotein) ELISA Kits are a popular and widely used test for the diagnosis of Myelin Basic Protein. This article provides an overview of how MAG kits (Myelin-associated glycoprotein) works and which types are available for use.

What is MAG?

MAG is an immunoassay of glycoproteins and glycolipids in plasma or serum. MAG has been found to be a biomarker for multiple sclerosis (MS) and is the target of several MS therapeutic agents. It is also used as a marker for several other autoimmune diseases, e.g., rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, and Crohn's disease. The MAG test has high sensitivity and is one of few commercially available tests for the detection of anti-MAG antibodies in a patient's serum. 

How do MAG ELISA Kits work?

MAG ELISA Kits utilize a sandwich-type assay to determine the levels of MAG in various biological samples. The most common sample used to run an assay is whole blood, but it has been shown that plasma works just as well. There are also commercial kits for erythrocytes and platelets, which may be appropriate for certain research groups.

How are the MAG ELISA kits different from other ELISA Kits?

The MAG ELISA Kits are able to detect the specific antigen: myelin-associated glycoprotein (MAG). This particular antigen is known as a marker of MS and has been present in the blood of MS patients. The MAG ELISA Kits have a wide range of uses for quality control, drug discovery, food testing, and research.

Safety of MAG ELISA Kits

The MAG ELISA kits are a commonly used blood test to screen for myelin-associated glycoproteins. They are used by many health care professionals and clinics who need a fast, accurate, and reliable way to screen their patients. However, there is only limited information about the safety of these kits.


Myelin-associated glycoproteins (MAGs) are type I membrane proteins of the oligodendrocyte cell line. MAGs carry myelin sheaths around the axons of nerve cells, which is essential for normal nerve conduction. This guide aims to provide comprehensive information about MAGs ELISA kits and their applications including how to choose the best wash buffer, how to prepare samples, what controls should be used, and how to perform and interpret data.