Various Explosion Protection Methods

Explosive accidents kill hundreds of people every year and cause billions of dollars in losses worldwide, but they can be controlled with explosion prevention systems, reducing the chance of serious injury or death and damage to facilities and equipment.

Many companies with designing experience, engineering, and installing explosion protection systems, can help you reduce the risk of explosions in a variety of environments.

The team of experts has in-depth knowledge of processes, current code compliance, and technical specifications required to protect your facilities, equipment, and personnel. You can find all equipment for industrial explosion protection in the UK at Coopatex.

Different eruption protection methods are:

1) Explosion Suppression

These systems are expertly designed to instantly detect and then chemically suppress explosions before they cause disaster, helping to reduce damage, injury, and death.

2) Explosion Protection

It prevents fires from spreading from one location to another using high-speed explosion protection valves and/or chemical barriers. This type of system is particularly suitable for operation in support of blast ventilation systems.

3) Chemical Insulation

In this method, a blast suppressor is immediately thrown into the conduit to suppress the flame and prevent it from spreading and reaching other areas, equipment, or personnel.

4) Explosive Ventilation

Explosion ventilation systems provide overpressure protection from hazards by providing a planned pathway for safe ventilation of the expansion of eruption gases. The system is inexpensive to install and provides fast and reliable operation in explosion situations. They are commonly used in conjunction with explosion isolation and suppression systems.