All About Hammertoe and Its Prevention

Hammertoe usually occurs when your second toe is bigger than your big toe, but it can appear on any finger. When we ignore a sore toe for a long period of time, the tendons in the toe begin to shorten.

Your toes will become permanently bent over time and the pain can be relentless if you continue to ignore the pain. You can also look for a foot and ankle care center to get the best hammertoe treatment in Baltimore. Hammertoes can be avoided if you follow the guidelines which are given below:-

How to Prevent Hammertoe: Washington Foot & Ankle Sports Medicine: Podiatry

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Pay attention to these things-

• Avoid ill-fitted shoes.

• Does your toe constantly press against the front of your shoe and clog your toes?

• Don’t ignore the discomfort in the toe.

• Ball toe will gain weight over time. As you get bigger, see if your toe is pushing outwards.

 Prevention of hammertoe-

Some of the recommended guidelines include:

• Avoid pointed or narrow toe shoes that are too narrow or too short.

• Avoid high heels that can push the toes forward.

• If your shoes hurt, don't wear them.

• Choose shoes with a wide square or toe.

• Choose shoes that are half an inch longer than your longest toe.

Some Simple Toe exercises-

Toe exercises can also help maintain tendon flexibility. A simple exercise you can do for your toes is to place a small towel on the floor and then try to pick it up only with your toes. You may need to repeat this a few times before your toes get stronger.

Remember to be nice to yourself and buy the right shoes. Not only narrow shoes can injure your feet, they can also cause pain in your thighs and back.