Benefits Of Aluminum Ramps

Aluminum is a material that is light and economical, yet strong, durable, and rust resistant. Aluminum ramps work great for power wheelchairs or electric mobility scooters. 

These ramps make great temporary or semi-permanent solutions for those in wheelchairs or power scooters. It is worth buying maintenance-free aluminium and rubber threshold ramps via online resources.

Aluminum ramps typically also have an integrated non-skid traction surface that provides excellent grip for pedestrians and wheelchairs. The grip lasts for years. And because aluminum is so rust resistant, these ramps provide many years of corrosion free use, outdoors or indoors. 

Aluminum ramps come in a variety of different shapes and sizes. They are offered in lengths between two and ten feet. They are typically about 30 inches in width, wide enough to fit wheelchairs and most doorways. The ramps can help you bridge nearly any elevation incline or decline for a home or business. 

Aluminum ramps are lightweight and typically portable. The longer the ramp, the heavier it will be. Some ramp models telescope down to allow for compact storage and easy transport.

You can purchase ramps specifically designed for entering or leaving from a home or vehicle. There are also track ramps, which are wide enough to fit wheelchair or power scooter wheels.