How Gamification Can Improve HR Management

Gamification has become a highly popular concept and is being used more widely than ever. Gamification refers to using game techniques and principles in a non-game context. When used in an organizational setup, it helps in engaging employees in unique and exciting ways.

Gamification has mechanisms for feedback, fun, and recognition, all the while improving collaboration among team members or departments. If you want to learn more about how gamification tools enhance disruptive innovation in HR navigate to

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Gamification tools are of two broad types:

  • Structural gamification
  • Content-based gamification

Structural gamification involves those gaming elements that are added to existing content. These are done in order to help people move through a certain process. These can involve various tools, such as leaderboards, badges, or points, among others.

Content-based gamification involves transforming the content into a type of game. However, they must keep business objectives at the forefront. Such tools of gamification are also called “serious” games.

Gamification tools allow employees to better get a better understanding of the organizational culture.