What Do Invisalign Invisible Braces Offer In Terms Of End Results?

If you are thinking about invisible braces then the chances are you've come across a company called Invisalign. In the UK Invisalign is one of the most popular types of invisible braces or clear braces, and has gained a great deal of interest over recent months.

In principle, almost no one would have a problem with the idea of wearing braces that were virtually invisible, but what a lot of people wanted to know is what the reality is for someone who chooses Invisalign clear braces rather than traditional braces. After all, traditional metal or wire braces have been around for many years, and have a proven track record of achieving excellent results.

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Is there any degree of risk associated with wearing clear braces, and how do invisible braces compare to traditional braces in terms of comfort, and end result? One of the best ways of understanding the real difference between clear braces and traditional braces is to understand how they each work.

As far as teeth alignment is concerned the only real way of reordering or rearranging teeth within the mouth is by applying a certain amount of pressure on each tooth, gently pushing it towards the desired location and into the desired orientation. Although it can seem as though teeth are fairly well fixed in the jaw, in fact, teeth are perfectly able to move around within the jaw, and it only takes a fairly small amount of pressure applied consistently over a period of time to move teeth quite significantly.