Waxing vs At-Home Laser Hair Removal? Does it Hurt? Which is Better?

You might sometimes find yourself in the dilemma when it comes to choosing between which method you should opt for in between waxing and at-home laser hair removal. It takes a lot of consideration to choose the best alternative and now when you have the most efficient product for laser hair removal now more handy and affordable for every women. Makes it more of a confusion to fall under the right category and live with the choices.

The major factor that influences our choice in choosing the best alternative out of all the available ones is the amount of pain that a person is willing to bear. Waxing do comes with pain and it can vary from area to area and when it comes to your pubic areas when the growth of hair is coars it becomes a nightmare to go through. On th other hand experts recommend laser hair removal to be more efficient and a painfree hair removal technique because the pain with laser hair removal is very less rather it is more of a tingling sensation from the heat beam that damages our hair follicles.

Coming to the fact which is better than the other form of hair removal. Where waxing gives results which lasts only few days and you can see hair creeping back again, laser handsets are proven to be more efficient method as it kills the hair follicles and reduces the hair growth by 10-20% each session you treat your skin with IPL hair removal handset .

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