All About Red Meat In Australia

Higher intakes of red meat have been linked with a number of health problems, including type 2 diabetes. Red meat in its pure form is a good source of protein and B vitamins and an important part of the human diet.

Red meat wholesale is usually meat obtained from domesticated mammals, such as:

• Pork, ham, and other pork parts

• Sheep

• Beef

Red meat is a popular food among those following the paleo diet, where food choices are based on what foods were available to our ancestors.

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Paleo dieters often try to find unprocessed foods that are fed natural foods for animals.

Red meat is a rich source of protein, saturated fat, iron, zinc, and B vitamins. Iron is needed to help red blood cells carry oxygen. Iron deficiency is more common in children, the elderly, and pregnant women.

Iron is also found in dark green leafy plants, nuts, and seeds, but is best absorbed by the body from red meat. Zinc is needed by the body for DNA synthesis and helps the immune system to function effectively.

Zinc is not only found in red meat, but also in fish, whole grains, eggs, and nuts. However, zinc is best absorbed from meat and fish sources.

B vitamins that are abundant in red meat include vitamin B6 and vitamin 12. Vitamin B6 is good for the immune system and vitamin B12 is good for the nervous system. People taking the diabetes drug metformin are at an increased risk of lower vitamin B12 levels.