What Is Internal Family Systems (IFS) Therapy?

The Internal Family Systems (IFS) Model is a proven psychotherapy practice developed by Dr. Richard Schwartz. As a clinical treatment, IFS is effective in improving function and overall well-being.

Additionally, it has shown promise for correcting phobias, panic, and general anxiety disorders and symptoms. physical health and symptoms; personal resilience/self-image; and depression and depressive symptoms. You can find the best IFS trauma therapy service via the web.

ifs trauma therapy

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The IFS model believes that our thoughts are like puzzles, with relatively separate parts of our thoughts, feelings, sensations, memories, and opinions called SECTIONS. Each part has its point of view, its qualities, and its wisdom.

When the parts don't match, we experience anger, discomfort, and frustration caused by internal conflicts. And when there is violence or long-term struggle between the parts, we feel the intensity shown by the symptoms of anxiety, depression, flight, somatic illness, and hopelessness.

The most important job of the IFS therapist is to help the client distinguish himself from the hitting or activating part so that the client can be described naturally and guide the client's inner world with wisdom and kindness.

When you have sufficient access to self-energy, you will be able to remain present and calm with the parts, understand the parts, protect and heal them. Once the parts and self have built up enough trust and connections, they feel safe enough to escape the destructive thought/behavior.