Protect your Business Data with Microsoft Products

We all know that encryption is the best process to protect data in transit. This is the process of encrypting data that can only be read by authorized persons. Encrypted data protects against hackers and intruders. 

Microsoft products and services are based on encryption and use industry standard transport protocols for greater data security. Microsoft goes beyond the password and username model and offers stronger authentication. It is now really easy to get in touch with Directions Training for microsoft training solution. 

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Powerful tools often make it easier for administrators to manage their identities. The product also provides a secure infrastructure that protects critical data. Encryption techniques, algorithms and protocols can transfer data securely while maintaining data confidentiality. 

Some of the key Microsoft products and services that apps can protect are data:-

Microsoft Azure: It is an open and flexible cloud computing platform used to develop and manage applications over a data center network. It supports various operating systems, frameworks, tools, programming languages, databases and devices. Azure is responsible for data protection through an encrypted communication process.

• Azure Active Directory identity protection provides a combined view of risk events and potential vulnerabilities that affect an organization's identity.

• Azure multifactor authentication requires more than one method to validate user access to all data in an application, both in the cloud and on-premises.

• Azure Active Directory B2C is a global identity management service for applications scalable to hundreds of millions of identities. It can be integrated into web and mobile platforms.

• Azure Active Directory B2B Collaboration is a solution that supports inter-enterprise relationships by enabling partners to access enterprise applications or data with their self-managed identities.

• With Azure Active Directory Join, you can extend cloud functionality to your centralized Windows 10 management device. Make it easier for users to connect to the corporate cloud via AAD and make it easier for them to access resources and applications.