Increase in The Life of Your Cooking Oil – Oil Micro Filtration

With advances in cooking technology, there have been major improvements in the way food is prepared. With the cooking oil filtration systems available and with most establishments that use them, food is prepared to specific standards that are more easily achieved.

Oil filtration technology

Filtration technology to process and clean cooking oil has been around for a while, but the technology has reached a point where the oil can be up to ninety-nine percent clean. When food is cooked, a large amount of sediment remains in the oil caused by tiny particles that fall into the oil. This causes the oil to go rancid, change color and smell. This negatively affects foods that are cooked in a frying range through successive generations, as these tiny particles tend to stick to fresh foods giving an overcooked odor, color, and flavor. You can buy pure coconut oil from online at Ostro Organics at an affordable price.

Benefits of Using a Cooking Oil Filtration System

Any chef will immediately attest to the fact that foods cooked in fresh oil are of better quality than those prepared in cooking oil that has been used to fry foods in the past. As mentioned above, the first benefit of using a filtration system to clean oil is the quality of the food. The best restaurants and food production facilities pride themselves on the consistency of the food they produce. Now, with available cooking oil filtration systems, everyone can maintain this consistency.

There is also a huge cost advantage here, as by using the frying range for longer and continuously, more food can be processed. This immediately increases the income that the establishment can earn. Plus, there is a further increase in the amount of money saved due to fewer oil changes. Five times less oil change saves five times the money spent on cooking oil.