What are the types of condominiums in Singapore?

The real estate industry in Singapore is currently in one of its most exciting times. A large number of residential, commercial, and industrial properties thrive in every corner of this great city.

Among these different types of properties, the residential property appears to have maximum preference and priority over other properties.  To get more details about Pullman residences you may check here https://www.pullman-residences.co/.

What are the types of condominiums in Singapore?

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These properties include private homes and two-family homes, apartments, flats, and condos. There were also several high-end mansions that only the city's super-rich could afford. However, among the various residential properties mentioned here, condos seem to be the ideal residential property.

There are now various types of cooperatives in the city-state of Singapore. This difference can be seen in size, location, price, features, etc. The buyer needs to know these differences before investing their money in one of these properties.

The first of this type of cooperative consists of city executives or EC. This housing structure was developed by the Singapore Housing Council and can only be purchased by city residents.

Now, these apartments are the cheapest in the city, but there are several rules and regulations that apply to their purchase and use. They offer great amenities at a great price, but restrictions prohibit many interested parties from buying this property.

The second group of cooperatives consists of private cooperatives such as north park residences which are developed by private entrepreneurs. This condo offers a wide range of facilities for residents and can be purchased by anyone who can afford it.