Types of Wireless Networks

In the early days of computers, networking was reserved for technophiles. Homes rarely had more than one. Today, however, home computers are used for everything from email and schoolwork to TV, gaming, and social media.

The growing popularity of portable devices makes wireless networking even more important. Information about the different possible connection types will help users make better decisions about which type of network is right for them. There are many companies available that provide the reliable enterprise wireless solutions in Singapore.

The first type of wireless network is the Wireless Personal Area Network (WPAN). WPAN is created by connecting two devices that are relatively close together. Usually, the two devices are far apart. An example is communication between the television and its remote control.

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Infrared light connects the two and allows the remote control to switch channels. Other examples are keyboard-to-computer connections and Bluetooth-to-cellular connections.

Another widely used type of wireless network is a wireless local area network (LAN). Two or more devices communicate through an access point from a LAN. Wireless home networks (WANs) are a good example of a LAN. If the LAN has an Internet connection, all devices share the same connection.

The wireless broadband network (WAN) is even bigger than the capital's wireless network. A WAN is a network that connects devices over a large geographic area and transmits data over common points such as telephone lines and satellite dishes. The best example of a WAN is the Internet.

Another type of wireless network is an ad hoc network. An ad hoc network is a type of decentralized wireless network. This allows multiple devices to communicate without using a router or other access point.