How to Naturally Purify With Russian Shungite Stones

Nowadays, the feeling of being overworked or stressed is increasing day by day. And at those times we just need to detoxify a bit and get back to the simple things. A good place to start is the small things in your daily routine.

Some have cited these small differences as being very influential. One of the ways this distinction can spread is with Russian shungite. Ti get shungite stone online, you can visit this website.

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Shungite is considered an outsider of the thriving crystal community. Shungite has a dark luster compared to its counterparts, but like other crystals, it has many healing properties and is very popular with mineral healers.

What makes shungite a much more reliable source is that it is the only mineral scientifically proven called fullerenes that contains "curing" molecules. For this purpose alone, Russian shungite forms an extraordinary natural water filter.

Fullerenes are loaded with antioxidants to kill bacteria, metals and potentially harmful organic compounds. You can place this stone in a water bottle or any jug. For best results, you only need 100 grams of shungite per 1 liter of water. They weigh different, so you can use them for other healing methods besides water purification.

The scope of what a shungite can do is great. Shungite comes from Russia and consists almost exclusively of carbon. Shungite is found mainly near lakes in Russia and often resembles volcanic material. Shungite has been used in traditional medicine and healing practices since the 18th century.