Using Social Media to Improve Your Business

Most of us have used social media at one time or another. Not only a good place to find old friends from school but can be used for online marketing strategies. You may have heard about Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, with the latter, directed more to business people in general. I will show you how to use this network to benefit your business. You can visit this link to know more about social media marketing.

Here are some extraordinary statistics about Facebook.

  • In 2010 207% more than in 2009 in the search.
  • That is the term most sought after in 2010.
  • A record of 750 million photos uploaded during the New Year weekend.
  • 71.2% of all internet users A.S. On Facebook.
  • Advertising revenues for Facebook will reach $ 2.2 billion in 2011.
  • 700 million active users on Facebook.
  • 175 million users on Twitter.

Using social media can be very beneficial for businesses throughout the world. I know myself using all social media companies mentioned above for my business. Your contact you get by finding someone you know or who might join your network can be a social media tool for you.

What I do occasionally on my own Facebook page Link to one of my websites. I will ask someone to give me a comment about the link that opened me to extend the conversation with that person personally.

Be yourself – what I mean by this is to engage in online conversations as you do it directly. Tell those people a little about yourself and what your goals are. Build relationships and then they can become your customer because you have gained their trust.

Create pages for your business – another free way to get exposure to your business is creating a page on Facebook. By creating your own business page, you can reach thousands of people.