Studying Abroad Programs in India

An India studying abroad experience will transport you to an incredible country that is full of intrigue, culture as well as spirituality, and natural marvels. If you're in India during the month of November to complete your semester abroad, then you may visit the tiny town of Pushkar to attend the world's largest camel festival. 

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You will not only get to witness women in vibrant saris which is the traditional Indian female dress but also to see campfires burning on the desert sand as people get ready for the nightly celebration.

A vacation in India simply wouldn't be complete without a visit to the Taj Mahal in Agra, which is among the most stunning landmarks around the globe. A dome-shaped structure constructed from white marble and stone has become an inspiration to artists and poets for its exquisite design and detail.

Wherever you go to go to school within India you will experience how beautiful a place which is loyal to its heritage and its culture.

India Studies Abroad Programmes

If you are studying overseas in India you can explore a brand new educational system and meet new people, master a language, and explore an exciting region.

Its population is almost 22 million people, Delhi is among the most crowded and active cities in India. If you enroll in the study abroad program offered by Delhi's University of Delhi you will have the opportunity to visit an established and reputable research and teaching institute that draws students from all over the nation. 

After you've finished your classes, you'll be able to walk around town for some exquisite shopping, and even parades.