Which Type Of Toilet Paper Is Best Suited For Your Needs?

There is a common misconception among people that there is only one type of toilet paper available on the market. This is certainly not the case, which you will get to know in this post. Different toilet papers look similar, but you can differentiate them from each other in terms of size, softness, weight, and absorption. Before you buy toilet paper, you should decide which type of paper suits you the best, as there are 1-ply toilet paper as well as 2-ply toilet paper, standard and jumbo, coreless and regular. To cut to the chase, you can go through reviews of best toilet paper by consumer reports. But, before you decide which type of toilet paper is best for your requirements, you need to understand the differences in various types of paper.

The quality of toilet tissue is measured by the number of plies or stacked sheets. A commercial quality restroom paper is often 1-ply and at times, it has a small amount of non-pulped, non-bleached paper in it. Then there is 2-ply paper, which has two stacked sheets and so, it is thicker and textured to deliver more softness. As a result, it is more luxurious and thus, used at homes or premium hotels. The higher ply toilet tissue has lotion or wax and has 2 or more plies of finely pulped paper in it. If we talk about the use, then 2-ply restroom paper is most commonly used all over the world, but that doesn’t mean 1-ply is not that common. It is common and is less expensive compared to 2-ply toilet paper.