Tips For Effective Intellectual Asset Management System Evaluation

Many small companies are offering a variety of functionality and features in the market for Intellectual Asset Management Software. It is difficult for corporate IP departments to choose the right software.

These are the top five ways to reduce the number of vendors you need for an evaluation and separate the wheat from the chaff.

It is important to look beyond the shiny and understand the acceptance of the new IAM system by your users. The user interface should be intuitive and simple for first-time users. You can visit to get the best IAM services for your business.

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You should immediately discard any software that isn't accessible using standard web browsers like IE, Firefox, or Safari. Strong adoption by your inventor community is essential for successful IAM system deployment. Many inventors work with different operating systems, browsers, and computers in their organizations.

Ask your vendor to show you how to add a field of your choosing. Many vendors that claim to have the best-designed software will not be able to demonstrate this capability. You are locked into the vendor's plan if your chosen software doesn't have these tools.

IAM software is useless if it doesn't offer good reporting and searching tools. Many users find it frustrating that they cannot access the data they have entered months ago. Ask vendors for demos of their search capabilities. Also, make sure that the reporting and searching tools are included in the basic system.