What Are Modern Cloth Nappies?

Cloth nappies have come far from old terry towel squares. These days you can find a variety of modern nappies in the market.

Let’s look at a few different options:

All in one nappy

This means that all the inserts, waterproof layers are attached in one piece. The cloth nappies normally comes in different sizes to suit different age groups. Sizes to suit prem, newborn, older baby & toddler. Convenient to use but the cost is not so high.

One size fits all

An adjustable diaper that lasts from birth to toddlerhood. Easily adjust the waist and height of the diaper to fit your baby. 

Pocket diapers

The distance between the outer and inner layers of the diaper for placing the pad insert. We usually recommend two inserts for day and a night booster insert for night use.


Designer diapers are usually expensive because of the unique pattern or design of the diaper. More like designer clothes with brand names.

PUL fabric or Minki fabric

PUL diapers are made of polyester which is laminated on the outside of the diaper. These diapers are waterproof and do not require an additional waterproof cover to wear outside. The fabric is breathable and suitable for winter and summer.

Minki is also water-resistant but has a thicker texture and wool, which makes it unsuitable for summer wear. Many market decisions make it difficult to choose. Newborns often have diaper changes at three months of age.

As the baby grows, diaper changes become less frequent and by 3 to 6 months there are about 6-8 diapers a day. As the baby grows, diaper changes become less frequent. Once toilet training begins, babies only need cloth diapers at night.

Finally, consider a variety of cloth diapers from reputable suppliers to suit your budget and lifestyle.