What Is a Facial And What Can It Do For Me?

A facial is an excellent way to pamper your skin. A facial is usually given by an esthetician who has a great deal of knowledge about the skin, particularly the skin on the face. 

Facials exfoliate the skin, clean it and allow it to absorb nutrients from moisturizers and balms. Your skin will look and feel better after a facial. This is the second most popular treatment at spas after massages. You can have a peek here, to get a face facial done.

A facial can improve your skin's appearance by following certain steps. The following steps are necessary for a facial to be effective:

  • A consultation – This is when you discuss your skin type, skin problems, diet, and current skincare routine with the esthetician. Some estheticians will want to know what medications and supplements are you currently taking.

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  • To protect your hair, you will wrap your head in a towel for cleansing the face. Your hair will then be thoroughly cleaned using a mild cleanser, sponges, or cotton pads.
  • The esthetician will examine the skin under a bright light to determine if it has any of the following conditions: oily skin; aging skin; sun-damaged skin; blackheads; whiteheads; and skin dehydration. These conditions can be treated by the esthetician during a facial using a variety of treatments.
  • Steam treatment–steam can be used to open pores and soften blackheads and whiteheads, so they can be removed after steaming. People with sensitive skin should avoid this step.