Why Choose Organic Cotton T Shirts Online?

Wearing a t-shirt that feels so soft is probably one thing that everybody would love to experience. Oftentimes, people would be looking for 100% cotton t-shirts online since it is guaranteed that the shirt is made entirely out of cotton and not using any other material.

However, there is just one dark aspect of 100% cotton t-shirts that most people do not know, and that is their environmental impact. You can also buy men's cotton t-shirts at oobebrand.com/collections/shirts.

Yes, cotton production is one of the things that highly pollute the environment. Cotton plants require a lot of nutrients in order to produce the adequate amount of cotton needed for the manufacture of t-shirts online.

What large cotton farms do is provide plenty of fertilizers in order to meet the requirements of cotton. They also use a lot of pesticides in order to ward off insects from the cotton.

Using pesticides may temporarily help ensure that pests don't infest the cotton fields. However, after prolonged use, weeds and pests also develop a certain immunity from these chemicals, which then warrants an added amount to be used. So once fertilizers or pesticides are used, the amount utilized would just keep on increasing over time.

Aside from using harmful chemicals, cotton fields require plenty of water in order to grow. You may not know it but around 3,500 liters of water are needed in order to produce 1 pound of cotton.